Campfire Talk with Ines Thoma and Komoot
by Henry Heitmueller

Campfire Talk with Ines Thoma and Komoot

The enduro pros Ines Thoma and Max Schumann have bound their passion for trail biking, dolce vita and discovery in one book. Their work is called "Tuscany Trails". They take us on the best trails in Tuscany and, together with the trail builders, provide insight into how they came to be. In addition, there are numerous restaurant and rest day tips - if you want to get off the bike on vacation.
In the Campfire Talk Ines talks about the research trip, the ups and downs of a new author and provides the most important insider tips, such as the best ice cream parlor or clarifies whether she could find a flow trail in Tuscany.
When. Saturday evening (27th August 2022)
Where. Komoot booth (event area Nauders).
Registration not necessary.

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