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The 3Laender Enduro Race is real enduro racing

In the Reschenpass region we have the perfect natural and man made enduro trail which allow us to built technical and long stages! In fact, the “3Laender Enduro Trails” are a perfect basis for trailriding – and the landscape at the border between Austria, South Tyrol (Italy) and Switzerland ist very beautiful, too. Come and enjoy this very special enduro event – as a single rider or in a "Duo team" with your team-mate.

Most of the time you reach the beginning of the trails by mountain railways, but sometimes you have to pedal, too. But at the end of each ascent you can expect an amazing descent on a trail – we promise! After your finish you’ll have to chance to relax in a chilled atmosphere at the event site in Nauders!


(Detailed schedule will be published soon.)

Friday 26th August 2022
On Friday we kick things off: You’ll have the chance to ride and inspect some of the trails of the race. In the late afternoon a prologue is held to find out the starting order for Saturday morning. Your participation on the prologue is mandatory – time will count for the ranking als is also base for the starting order on Saturday.

After the prologue, people will "warm up" for the race with a live act from 6 p.m. onwards at the event site.

Saturday 27th August 2022
The whole day is characterized by riding the finest enduro trails: First start will be around 9 am, the course will include five to seven stages in the region of Reschenpass. Sometimes with technical obstacles, sometimes with fast sections full of flow – the day presents the whole range of alpine trails. But riding fun is always the main focus! All riders will have lunch at a lovely mountain hut, and after your return to the festival site in Nauders you can enjoy our event site.

Sunday 28th August 2022
Amazing trails are waiting for you at the last day of the event. You’ll compete in two or three stages – some you’ll reach the start by mountain railway, sometimes by pedaling. After the finish of the last groups you join the victory ceremony – and you’ll know the fastest solo and duo-team riders.


Thursday, 25th August 2022  
06:00 pm – 7:00 pm Accreditation given out at the RACE
Friday, 26th August 2022  
8:00 am – 11:00 pm Accreditation given out at the RACE
9:00 am – 16:00 pm free training
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Accreditation given out at the RACE
3:45 pm Riders-Briefing at the event area
4:00 pm Start of prologue (mandatory), EVENT AREA
6:00 pm Warm-Up Party, EVENT-AREA
7:00 pm End of prologue
Saturday, 27th August 2022  
7:45 am – 8:00 am Accreditation given out (ONLY for stragglers), RACE OFFICE
8:20 am Start Day 1 3LänderEnduroRace x MaciagOffroad, EVENT AREA
app. 12:30 pm Start of last starting group
app. 11:55 pm Arrival of first participants at the finish
app. 4:05 pm Arrival of the last riders at finish
5:00 pm Campfire Talks with Komoot
Sunday, 28th August 2022  
8:20 am Start Day 2 of 3LänderEnduroRace x MaciagOffroad, EVENT AREA
app. 10:20 am Arrival of first participants at the finish
app. 12:30 pm Start of last starting group
app. 3:30 pm Victory ceremony and official end of the event


  • Event-Area/Location Start & Finish: Nauders, next to the new Spar-Supermarket (below Nauders Castle).
  • Rider limit: 520 places are available on the starting line-up.
  • Registration: Participation possible from 18 years or age group 2004.
  • Ranking-Solo: There will be individual rankings available for every rider with times per single section and a cumulative total ride time.
  • Ranking-DUO: The slowest time of each stage is scored. The total time results from the cumulated stage time. (Define DUO team name when registering!)
  • Starting Order: The starting order for the prologue is decided according to the start numbers assigned. The start on day 2 will be according to the prologue result (slowest riders first).
  • Prizes: Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the winners - no prize money will be given out.

Conditions of participation/Rules & regulations

Conditions of participation and rules & regulations can be found here (in German and English).

Teilnahmebedingungen 3Länder Enduro Race 2022

Rules and regulations 3Länder Enduro Race 2022

Haftungsausschluss 3 Länder Enduro Race 2022

Declarations of Liability 3 Länder Enduro Race 2022


The stages for the 3Länder Enduro Race will be announced on the training day. The published route sections can be viewed on Friday, 26th of August 2022, during a free training session. The routes will be on existing paths and trails - no trails will be laid out across the forest or terrain for the event.

The following distances/altitude metres are roughly planned for the 3Länder Enduro Race 2022:

Friday, 26th August 2022; free training: approx. 40 km/rd. 600 hm (plus approx. 1800 hm by lift)

Friday, 26th August 2022; prologue (compulsory, counts towards the overall classification): approx. 0,4 km/rd. 30 hm

Saturday, 27th August 2022; 3Länder Enduro Race, Day 1: approx. 45 km/rd. 800 hm uphill (plus approx. 2300 hm by lift); 5 to 6 timed stages

Sunday, 28th August 2022; 3Länder Enduro Race, Day 2: approx. 20-25 km/rd. 400 hm (plus approx. 1200 hm by lift); 3-4 timed special stages

Starter Package

The entry fee for the 3Länder Enduro Race is 179 EUR per Person or 358 EUR for each DUO-Team.

The price includes:

  • Personal start number
  • Timing at the whole weekend, incl. prologue (Friday) and around 10 timed stages
  • 3-day lift ticket
  • Race-Snack on Saturday, 27/08/2022
  • Instant result printput at the end of each session
  • Results list
  • Valuable prizes for the first places and other riders

Updated: 26.01.2022 | Subject to changes and additions

Travel / Accomodation

The holiday region of Reschenpasss offers a wide range of accommodation available for 3Laender Enduro Race participants, from campsites to four star plus hotels. Several establishments are specially tailored to the needs of mountain bikers. Separate from the race some establishments offer good conditions to bikers the whole season – if you want to stay just to ride and enjoy the 3Laender Enduro Trails…

For general enquiries with regards to finding a room, contact the Reschenpass tourism board:

Nauders Tourismus
A-6543 Nauders
Tel. +43 50 225 400

Ferienregion Reschenpass
I-39027 Graun
Tel.: +39 0473 633 101

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